Electrical and electronics engineers are involved in a broad category of technology ranging from huge global positioning systems which can pinpoint the location of a moving vehicle to gigantic electrical power generators.
They may also work in fields which relate to computers and IT. Favorable employment opportunities are predicted for electrical and electronic engineers.

The discipline entail the study of Electrical Machines, Circuit Analysis, Electronics, Electro magnetics, Engineering Material Science, Instrumentation etc. The significance of Electrical Engineering can be well comprehended by exploring the scope of Electrical Engineers in manufacturing units, major private and public sector industries such as State Electricity Boards, Indian Railways, Thermal and Nuclear Power Corporation, Design Industries, Production Plants and premier educational and research Institutions.

With a group of well dedicated and qualified teachers in various areas of specialization such as Control Systems, Power Systems, Electrical Machines and Power Electronics, the Department offers the Bachelor Degree Program in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.