Mechanical engineering, the broadest of all Engineering disciplines deals with design and production of tools, machines and all other mechanical equipment to be used in industries. Mechanical Engineering finds applications in all fields of technology.

Mechanical Engineers could work in many industries including private or public sector industries of various types, and their work varies by industry and function.

The Department is rich with a highly qualified team of teachers with excellent exposure to academics and R & D. To support the theoretical studies and to give the students hands-on-exposure to the application of engineering principles, a number of well-equipped laboratories and workshops have been established. These labs/facilities range from the workshop to make the students familiar with the basic Mechanical Engineering operations/processes such as fitting, smithy, foundry, carpentry, plumbing, etc. to the facility with the advanced CNC machine.

The CAD Lab is set up to develop software skills of the students. The labs for Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulic Machinery, I C Engines, Metrology, Thermal Engineering, Production Engineering, etc., serve the vital purpose of imparting to the students experience and knowledge of the different equipment and machinery and providing them opportunities for physical verification of the engineering/scientific principles they study in their classes.