CBSE Board Exams 2019 ! Preparations – Tips & Tricks to Score Higher Marks | Results

CBSE / Other Board Exams 2019 ! Preparations – Tips & Tricks to Score Higher Marks | Results:

One Year consisting of the Academic Studies, Unit Tests, Board Examination, which commences with Academic Classes, Studies, Preparation of the Notes, Unit Tests (aimed at Performance Review),  Finally Board Examination followed by the Result and Career oriented Program / Course Pursuit aimed at shaping Future. Whereas Class Ten / Matriculation (Secondary School Certificate) Examination is considered a Stepping Stone (आधार-सोपान), Twelfth Class is deemed to be a Foundation Stone (आधार शिला / नींव का पत्थर), which is considered to being a Corner Stone (कर्णशिला) of an Individual’s Career.

CBSE / Other Board Exams 2019 Preparations

CBSE Board Exams ! Preparations - Tips & Tricks

Approach of Secondary School / Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination even though is aimed at the Result of the Students’ individual Performance, yet the Board Examinations are viewed at as Persisting Pressure for some, and Decisive Opportunity for others.

45 Days Preparations just before Commencement of the Examinations might be a Turning Point in a Student’s Life. Wishing the Tenth / Twelfth Class Students fare their best at the Board’s Annual Examinations, we would like to share a couple of Key and Highly Useful Tips to motivate them to

  • build Self-Confidence in its entirety;
  • nurture Optimism
  • stay Positive
  • stay focused on Individual Best Performance to excel at the Result Desired by them.

CBSE | Other Board Exams 2019 ~ Tips & Tricks

Follow Syllabus (पाठ्यक्रम के अनुसरण करें):

A Syllabus may be termed as a Key for Examination Preparations. Follow Syllabus as the Curriculum contains the Contents in the shape of the Chapters, relevant to the Subjects.

Study Notes (नोट्स का अध्ययन करें):

Right from the Day One of the Academic Class Commencement, the Students prepare Notes, which comprises the Descriptive Answers in the shape of the Bullet Point with Least Explanation / Description. Referring to the Notes prepared from the beginning helps the Students not just to parrot but to memorize the contents with ease and fare at best in the Board Examinations. Studying the Notes Minimum Twice assists the Students to keep away Tension thereby enabling them to score Maximum in the Board Examination.

Prepare Time Table & Set Time Limit (समय-सारणी तैयार करें तथा समय सीमा तय करें):

Do prepare Time Table as it is essential to achieve the best Result. Preparing Time Table and Setting Time Limit for the Subjects to be studied keeping in mind Commitment to More Focus on overcoming Weaknesses and relatively Less Efforts on keeping it straightforward.

Confident Start helps keep Depression at bay (आत्मविश्वास से लबरेज प्रारंभ डिप्रेशन को दूर रखने में मदद करता है):

Confident Start holds the Key to make a Positive Beginning. Confident Beginning also helps keeping Depression or Frustration at bay. Remember Reading each Chapter even singly helps a Student respond to the Questions.

Be Practical (व्यवहारिक बनें):

Be Practical.  Treat the Boards Examination as the Real Test and Once a Lifetime Opportunity. Do not waste time in just cramming the Questions but focus on the Chapters studied by you.

Time-bound Study (समयबद्ध अध्ययन):

Studies should be Time bound, implying dedicating proportionate time rather than utilizing Maximum time for One Subject. Ten – Twelve Hours to study each Book for First Twenty Days and Next 18 Hours for Revision and Remaining Seven Days for Practice to complete the Pending Task.

S: Strength, W:  Weakness; A: Analyses, P: Preparation (SWAP) एस: सामर्थ्य, डब्ल्यू: कमजोरी; ए: विश्लेषण, पी: तैयारी (स्वैप):

The Title speaks volume of it and the Students are advised to make preparations accordingly.

Revise the Curriculum (पाठ्यक्रम दोहराएं):

Revise the Curriculum and Practice with Positive Attitude rather than getting Panicky.

Counseling (परामर्श):

In case of Confusion, the Students are advised to try these.  Relax. Jot down the Points; discuss your issues with your Teachers, Parents, Senior Persons to address the problems and prepare yourselves to do your utmost at the Examinations.

Take It Easy (TIE)  (सहजता से लें, घबराएं  नहीं, शान्ति एवं धैर्य से करते जाओ):

Remember the Board Examinations are a Necessity; therefore, Best preparations is the only Starting Point to appear for the Examinations.

Keep It Simple & Straightforward (यह सरल और सीधा रखें):

Keep it simple and straightforward rather than allowing Tension to haunt around you.  Doing so helps everyone assured to do the best if the preparations were already made.

Goal:  Stay Focused on Performance rather than Result (लक्ष्य: परिणाम के बजाय प्रदर्शन पर ध्यान केंद्रित रखें 

Stay focused on Performance rather than Result.  If you are committed to do your utmost then Results will be as desired.

Study Twice and Revise Four Times (दो बार अध्ययन करें तथा चार बार दोहराएं):

Just Do It – Exercise. Study Twice and Revise Four Times. If Preparations are up-to-date, then nothing shall either perplex or enervate your Confidence.

Practice, Practice, Practice and Practice (अभ्यास, अभ्यास, अभ्यास और अभ्यास):

Practice whatever studied by you.  Practice even if best remembered.  Practice even though you have yet to pick up.  Practice as if You have to do your best to achieve the best Result.  Have firm faith in you.

Practice makes man better (अभ्यास आदमी को बेहतर बनाता है):

Practice makes man better. There Is No Alternative (TINA) to this. Practice holds the key to Keeping It Real, Practice holds the Key toward Keeping it Positive.

Wishing here the Best of Luck for the Students!


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