How to Choose A Career After 10 12th Graduation? Tips & Ideas

How to Choose A Career After 10 12th Graduation ? Tips & Ideas?

In making a career selection by any of the Student, always remain a tough decision from the level of Matriculation or Class 10th to Intermediate 10+2 and even at the stage passing Graduate Degree. We as counsellor are giving advice to student that Study helps one to develop a broad and deep understanding of the course he just passed and in making further decision for higher study / Professional Life and also combine of both are depend on the strength which has been built inside the student after passing last class. So, hereby we are providing details regarding How to Choose A Career After 10 12th by student.

Career After Class 10th / 12th / Graduation Best Choices

You must have often heard people talking about how there are never enough opportunities for them in college. They substantiate their argument by claiming an appropriate direction to choose Employment / Further Studies. Today here through we are providing the best options regarding How to Choose A Career After 10 12th in details.

Today at large extent student’s career depend on his/ her capability / knowledge as well as surroundings which help or make starve of the further studies, intrinsically financial background we can term in selecting appropriate choice.

Pursuing a Hobby

College gives you the scope of doing something other than studies. Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is not built just on the basis of your grade point. Besides helping you to indulge in and rear your hobbies, there are several other opportunities that are accessed if you join a college society or do internships. It may get difficult and tiring and but it is worth it. It teaches you how to manage time and work under stress. Hobbies are great escapes from the monotony of academics as well.

After Matric:

Today there are also various basic options like Selecting Science / Arts / Commerce streams in Higher Secondary or 10+2 Standard after passing Matric Exam. But in broader view today various courses including Professional course are also available to opt just after Matric / 10th. There is also option to join Apprentice courses and other Diploma / Certificate courses in Computer, Craftsman etc.

After 12th / Intermediate 10+2:

In selecting a course or even professional choice and even going for both after leaving Higher Secondary School has remained a big bet for students across the country. Colleges shape the broader look towards law, society, the economy, international relations, politics, medicines, engineering and other aspects. Whereas selecting study choice or to go for a Job/ own startup, entrepreneurship all depend on the students choice.

If anyone gets better counseling and his strong side or we can say interest or enthusiast towards a particular course/ stream , he can pursue better choice.

Career After Graduate Schools / College

What are the things in choosing a career? What options left to pursue study along with part time/ full time job. Choices after Classes 10th, 12th , Graduation & Post Graduation?

Importance of Career Selection in Life-

Studying is never as simple as it sounds. Targets are set and schedules are made to be followed during the preparation leaves before the semester exams.

Today students prefer the courses having big scope even though huge competition and without getting proper abilities. Even today students after completing Graduate Degree prefer to go for the Civil Services / Graduate Level Exam Coaching which has become a general thin as of now for an average student. Don’t know they are aware of today’s competition in Civil Services.

What careers make a lot of Money-

Today working or building career having perception of money, more money through different means, doesn’t work appropriately. Securing a satisfactory position with career growth opportunities in either public sector/ private sector, is today’s bet.

Career in Defence:

Candidates can join the career ahead after 10+2 in Defence Services and also after passing Graduate Degree. In defence Forces there are various opportunities including Indian Air Force / Indian Navy and Indian Army there are bright future in today’s time. Career in the flying, technical, ground & various other branches always give a prestige to the Personnel.

Candidates short-listed after the initial selection procedure, go through a training procedure initially before the final Joining.

Better Choice to Go for the UPSC NDA/ AFCAT / CDS Exams.

Career in Public Services:

Public service jobs are abundant in city, state, tribal and federal agencies. Dedicated government workers ensure that the public enjoys clean drinking water, ensuring that streets are safe to drive on, streets, garbage removal, waste disposal, sewage and utilities. The aim is to provide reliable, cost-effective services necessary for a comfortable lifestyle.

India’s  youth, like youth elsewhere, is restless and seeks opportunities to make a good living. It recognises the shortcomings in India’s policy making and its implementation process. The youth  values  democracy and the right to vote in the country. Furthermore, it has access to several avenues  and platforms, including through the reach offered by social media, to voice its concerns and make a difference to the business-as-usual  approach in the country. All this has encouraged the youth to participate in the policy making process in the country.

Better Choice to Go for the UPSC Civil Service Exam.

Career in Finance:

Earning a bachelor’s degree is the first step in pursuing any finance career. Programs will typically focus on giving you a comprehensive understanding of financial management, technological expertise, interpersonal skills and professional insight.

There are two popular types of advanced degrees: a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a focus in finance, and a master’s degree in finance. While they each provide students with the skills needed for managerial positions in the field, they do differ.

Better Choice to Go for MBA / PG Diploma in Business Administration.

Career in Digital Marketing:

The world is going Digital every year, all the companies around the world including India will have online presence and thus creating a lot of career opportunities. Digital Marketing is a progressive field. With technology developing every day, you have to continuously develop your digital marketing skills so that your career keeps growing. According to this research, the digital economy is growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy and firms that engage in online trading are twice as likely to be creating jobs as firms that aren’t.

Better Choice to Go for Digital Marketing Courses.

Career in Psychology / Counseling:

Studying psychology gives you a broad range of skills that span both science and the arts and opens up opportunities with a variety of employers. Due to course entry requirements, many psychology graduates spend a year or more getting work experience before embarking on postgraduate study.

It’s a good idea to build up your work experience as soon as you can.

Better Choice to Go for Degree / Master Degree in Psychology

Note– Today the trend of basic courses / coaching for competitive Exams is increasing weather we can say that due to improper guidance and ability judging. Every year competition in each and every sector increasing because the awareness is increasing in country and also the numbers of youth who are trying their best in a field which is not suitable / or born for them are becoming cause of increase in competition.

Getting guidance, relying on own abilities & hard work on interest can cause the fruitful result to any of the candidate.

We aforesaid have listed the career opportunities iHow to Choose A Career After 10 12th which are today in demand. We hope candidates somehow have got the idea of today’s requirements and we wish Good Luck to all.


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