KUK B.Ed Result Part 1 2 2019 First Second Year

KUK B.Ed Result Part 1 2 2019 First Second Year

The Office of the Controller of Examinations, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, held Two-Years’ B.Ed. Part I & Part II Examinations 2019. The Controller of Examinations shall issue Notice in respect of Announcement of the 02-Years’ B.Ed. 1st Year & 2nd Year Examinations 2019, hence, Brief on the Upcoming Announcement of the Results for B.Ed. First Year and Second Year shall Follow with the Notice Issued:

KUK B.Ed Result Part 1 2 2019 

KUK B.Ed Result

The Controller of Examinations, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, shall Likely Declare in July / August 2019 the Results for B.Ed. Ist Year AND IInd Year Examinations.  The Controller of Examinations, subsequent to Uploading in the University Website, the Result, will issue Intimation through the Cellphone State Model School Following Declaration of the Results.

We would also publish in our Website the Office of the Controller of Examinations Announced Results for B.Ed. First Year & B.Ed. Second Year Examination thereby drawing the Students’ Attention toward the same As Follows:

B.Ed. Part I Examination 2019:

Paper Code Name of the Test Papers
Course 1 Childhood and Growing Up
Course 2 Contemporary India and Education
Course 3 Learning and Teaching
Course 4 (A) Language Across Curriculum
Course 4 (B) Understanding, Disciplines and Subject
Course 5 Gender, School and Society
Group –I Pedagogy of Sciences:
1)       Pedagogy of Science
2)       Pedagogy of Biological Science
3)       Pedagogy of Computer Science
4)       Pedagogy of Home Science
5)       Pedagogy of Physical Science
  Group- II Pedagogy of Social Sciences:
1)       Pedagogy of Social Science
2)       Pedagogy of Commerce
3)       Pedagogy of Economics
4)       Pedagogy of  History
5)       Pedagogy of  Geography
6)       Pedagogy of  Art
7)       Pedagogy of  Music
  Group- III Pedagogy of Languages:
Pedagogy of  English
Pedagogy of  Hindi
1) Pedagogy of  Punjabi
2) Pedagogy of  Sanskrut
  Group- IV  Pedagogy of  Mathematics:

i)         Pedagogy of  Mathematics

ii)       Knowledge and Curriculum
iii)      Assessment for Learning
iv)     Creating and Inclusive School
  Optional Course
1)      Environmental Education
2)      Peace Education
3)      Health and Physical Education
4)      Guidance and Counselling
5)      Reading and Reflecting on Text
6)      Drama and Art in Education
7)      Critical Understanding of  ICT
8)      Understanding the Self (to be discussed)
9)      School Internship Programme  (SIP)    &

10)   Engagement with the Field (EWF)

B.Ed. Part II Examination 2019:

Paper Code Name of the Papers
Course-8 Knowledge and Curriculum
Course-9 Assessment for Learning
Course-10 Creating an Inclusive School
Course-11 Optional Course
i) Environment Education
ii) Health and Physical Education
iii) Peace Education
iv) Guidance and Counseling
EPC-3 Critical Understanding of  ICT
EPC-4 Understanding the Self

Wishing here Good Luck for the Students!

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