How to Start Preparing for IBPS SO IT Officer Prelims 2019

How to Start Preparing for IBPS SO IT Officer Prelims 2019:

IBPS SO IT Officer exam can be cracked with a proper preparation. The candidates are required to follow a smart strategy. This article guides you for preparing for IT Officer exam from start to mock level.

There are Four Sections In IT Officer Exam:

  • Reasoning Ability – Preliminary Only – 50 Questions (50 Marks)
  • Quantitative Aptitude – Preliminary Only – 50 Questions (50 Marks)
  • English Language – Preliminary Only – 50 Questions (25 Marks)
  • Professional Knowledge – Main Exam Only – 60 Questions (60 Marks)

The most important section is Professional Knowledge, as in final selection marks of this section only matter. The remaining three sections are qualifying in nature. The candidates should start preparing with Professional Knowledge section. While covering this section keep following points in mind:-

  • Cover all important topics in detail
  • Make precise notes for quick revisions
  • Take quizzes topic wise
  • Solve all previous years questions
  • Once complete syllabus is covered take full length mock test for IBPS IT Officer and do proper analysis

Preparation Plan for IBPS SO IT Officer Prelims 2019Start Preparing for IBPS SO IT Officer

The students should cover topics in the sequence of weightage. The complete list of topics with important sub-topics to cover is given below:-

Topics Approach
DBMS Schemas-Network , Hierarchical and Relational
Relational Model
DML, DDL, Basic SQL, Oracle syntax
Indexing, Meta Data
Normalization – All forms
Entity Relationship Model
Operating Systems Functions of Operating System, Basics of Memory Management
Process Concept, Threads, Security, Multiprogramming
Synchronization Concepts – Methods both hardware and software
Page Replacement Policies, Spooling
Dead Lock – Condition and methods of prevention
Data Communication and Networking OSI Model , TCP/IP Suit , IPv4 Addressing, IP header, Subnet Mask
Mac Address, Protocols – Telnet, HTTP, FTP, SNMP, PPP,UDP, ARP
Switching and Routing
Network Devices
Network Topologies – LAN, MAN, WAN, Network Security
Basics of Programming and Data Structures OOPS Concepts – C++ and Java both
Arrays, Stacks, Strings, Heap and Priority Queue, List, Double list, Linked list
Sorting Algorithms – Complexity and running time
Searching Algorithms
Input output questions
Software Engineering Software Development Models and Life cycle
ER Model, Data flow Diagram.
Software Testing – Various Tools
Software Maintenance and CASE tools
Computer Organization and Architecture 8085 and 8086 microprocessors, Architecture and important commands
MS Office & Windows and Web Technologies HTML / XML, JavaScript, other web technology tools
Client Server Model, Cookies, Search Engine Basics.
Digital Logic Logic Gates, Combinational Circuits ,Basics of Counters
Number System Hexadecimal, Octal-decimal, Grey Code, Parity code
Hamming code and Hamming Distance
Miscellaneous ROM/RAM, BIOS, Bootstrap Memory, Hard Disks, Peripheral Devices
Assembler, Linker, Macro Processor, Loader, translator
Recurrence Relation, Planar Graphs, Relation, Regular Expression
 Data Mining, Sorting, Finite , Automata

IBPS Preparation 2019: Tips & Strategy

These all are the important topics of Information Technology. The candidates are required to qualify other three sections also. These sections also contain important topics which are more than sufficient to qualify. The important topics section wise are given below:-

Sections Topics wise Strategy
English Language The candidates should start with grammar: Part of speech , Subject verb agreement, Question Tags
Error detection
Sentence improvement
Cloze test
Passage:- The passage can be very scoring if you tackle it in a rational way. You should read a lot from various sources on various topics which are important for the examination point of view. To improve reading skills you should practice reading fast.
Para Jumble:- Try to practice Para jumble exercises of various levels.
Vocabulary:-The candidates with good vocabulary always have upper hand over other candidates. Therefore to stand out of crowd you should start building your vocabulary from today itself. As vocabulary building is a time taking process, the consistent efforts are required for it. Learn new words from newspapers and news articles.
Finding Odd Sentence:- In recent trends the questions from this topic are very common. The candidates should practice ample number of questions on this topic in order to score high marks.
Combining Two Sentences:- The knowledge of grammar is must in such topics. If you are good in connectors you can easily score good marks in this topic.
Reasoning Ability Inequalities:- This is a very scoring topic. The candidates should practice this topic first, in this topic practice direct and coded both forms.
Syllogism:- In this topic you can expect questions from direct or reverse syllogism. The candidates should practice ample number of questions in new pattern to score well in this topic.
Direction sense:- This topic covers questions from easy to moderate level. If you practice sufficient number of question, you will be able to score well. The directions can also be given in the coded form.
Order and Ranking:- The candidates should practice both old and new pattern questions of this topic. In exams you can face surprise elements in this topic therefore build basic concepts and practice a lot .
Blood Relation:- This is very interesting topic. If you are able to grab all basic concepts of this topic you can easily solve questions of various types with ease. The questions can be direct or in coded form.
Coding-Decoding:- In this topic new type of questions are very common in current exams. The candidates should practice ample number of questions in new pattern and also practice questions of old pattern so as to get prepared for all situations.
Data Sufficiency:-  Although this topic is of mains exam, but it can appear in prelims as a surprise element. Therefore the candidates should practice all sort of questions including questions of three or more statements.
Alpha Numeric Series:-  This topic can appear in individual question form or in a puzzle form. The candidates should practice both new and old patterns of this topic.
Puzzle:- This section holds good weightage in terms of marks. If candidates follow a rational approach this topic can be very scoring. The candidates should practice various types of puzzles including:-
Seating arrangement with blood relation
Classification puzzle having four parameters
Box based puzzle – New type
Shelf and frames based puzzle – New type
Floor and flats based – New type
Data Flow Based:- This type can be asked in exam where you will be given a data flow and based on that you have to solve questions. This type is scoring if you concentrate on paths followed and practice good number of questions
Input – Output In New Pattern:- In earlier exams machine input output questions were common, now days the type has been changed though new type is not very much different but practicing good number of questions is a must to score well.
Numerical Ability Simplification:- This is an easy and scoring topic. Use digit sum and unit digit method for quick calculations
Approximation :- In this topic take care in approximating numbers and use percentage method for quick calculations
Quadratic Equation :- This also one of the scoring topic. The candidates should practice various types of questions in this topic to improve speed.
Miscellaneous Topics:- This topic covers arithmetic concepts. The candidates can excel these topics with practice
Number Series:-  In this topic the series can be from easy to difficult. The candidates should face as many patterns as they can to excel this topic. As striking of pattern is must in exam, only then it can be a scoring topic.
Data Interpretation:- The calculation speed matters in this section. The questions asked can be direct or tricky. The candidates must gain experience of various types before exam. This topic can be scoring if you follow a rational approach. It includes following types:-
Line Graph
Bar Graph
Pi chart

After Completing These Topics:-

  • Give online mock test, it gives you proper exposer to the real exam environment and you can manage your time. There are many candidates who can perform excellent in offline tests but they are not equally comfortable in online mode. To overcome this difficulty such candidates are required to expose themselves to online mode.
  • Always remember that you have to reach the upper level of exam. The selection in exam depends on scoring high marks not by just clearing cut off marks.
  • The proper analysis of mock tests is a must to improve accuracy and attempts. The deciding factor for such exams is the accuracy.

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